How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

Youtube is a standard video streaming platform currently in use in almost every cellular device, including smartphones, notebooks, smart TVs, and tablets. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special requirements by the users. Therefore, you can view all videos on the platform for free, but you have to sign up for being a part of the community.

Sign up for YouTube is a much easier process. Moreover, you need a google account to sign up. However, make a login with a google account. As a result, you are a registered user, and you can like/comment and share videos.

This article emphasizes on downloading YouTube videos. However, different methods have been provided in this article, thereby making it convenient for users.

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

The downloading instructions for YouTube videos follow a straightforward procedure. So, three methods have been provided so that you don’t perceive any problem.

1st Method: Via YouTube App

Using this method, you can download videos within the application. The purpose is as follows;

  • Open the application.
  • After doing so, search for the video you want to see.
  • Then tap the download option at the bottom of the video.
  • Select the video quality.
  • Hence, your video will be downloaded within the application.
  • You can easily play your video offline.

2nd Method: Using VLC Media Player

The downloading method is as follows;

  • Open the “YouTube” homepage and copy the link of the video you want to download.
  • After doing so, open the VLC player.
  • Then click the video capture option in VLC.
  • Then select network and paste the link here.
  • In the end press, the save option.
  • However, it will be saved to your hard drive, and you can watch your video offline.

3rd Method: Via YouTube Go App

Download instructions for YouTube Go app are as follows;

  • First, always download the application from the app store.
  • Then search for the video you want to download.
  • After doing so, press the download option and select the quality.
  • However, the video will be stored on your device in this way, and you can always watch the video offline.

However, there are some other methods for downloading YouTube videos, but these prove to be the best methods out of all the other videos. However, these are helpful in many aspects.

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